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Okuma / ABB Automation

Houston, TX, May 18, 2017 — Okuma / ABB Robotic Coupling Cell commissioned

This state-of-the-art cell incudes 2 Okuma LB4000 CNC lathes and 1 ABB6700 robot. The CNCs and robot are programmed autonomously: the robot picks coupling blanks off a pallet, feeds them into the lathes and then delivers finished couplings onto an exit conveyor, thus eliminating the need of the operator touching the coupling.

The fully enclosed integrated cell has enhanced safety features with laser sensor technology, full communication with the lathes, and is run by 1 operator assuring reduced cycle time and high precision consistent production.

The automated integrated cell can produce 4.5″- 7″ API and semi-premium couplings at a rate of about 30 couplings per hour.