OFSI - Oil Field Services Company
7735 Miller Road #3, Houston, Texas, 77049   •   +1 281 452 3036    


Founded in 2012, OFS International LLC, also known as OFSi, provides oilfield services to the oil and gas industry. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, OFSi provides threading, couplings, inspection, pipe repair, accessories, tools and drill pipe rental services. Our API licensed facilities are designed to provide superior service with an emphasis on quality at a competitive price.


Sept. 23, 2016 OFS International LLC (OFSi), a Houston-based oilfield and tubular service company, announces that it completed the buyout of a 75% stake resulting in OFSi management becoming the company's controlling shareholder. From now on OFSi will be acting as an independent player on the oilfield service market. read more ...

Couplings and Threading

• 3 EMAG CNC coupling machines read more ...
• 6 double ended Threading Lines.
• All connections API.
• Buck On Units read more ...


• Weld Line UT.
• Electro Magnetic Inspection (EMI).
• Inspect sizes from 2 3/8� to read more ...


Accessories is highly correlated with the rig count and is growing at a faster rate than the broader Drilling Related Products & Services due to increasingly ambitious read more ...